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“Hypnosis stuffs out the smoker’s fire and desire.” -Newsweek

Stop the cravings once and for all with hypnosis to quit smoking.

Here’s What Our Clients are saying:

“In 1989, I quit smoking  5-packs-a-day of cigarettes in one session at Alternative Hypnosis, and I haven’t smoked since .”

Joe Sullivan - Retired Procurement, Syracuse

“Thank you for helping me quit smoking! I was very skeptical at first about coming to North Country Hypnosis, and now I’m walking proof that your life can change.”

Tana Taylor - Photographer, Evans Mills

“I quit a two-to-three-packs-a-day smoking at Alternative Hypnosis back in 1987. I have no desire to smoke any more.”

Earl Lowe - Salesman, Syracuse

“I went to Alternative Hypnosis in 1986 and never had another cigarette! That was 25 years ago .”

Karl Starkweather - Retired Contractor, N. Syracuse

Quit Smoking with hypnosis

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(Who Should Come Here):
You should ONLY COME TO ALTERNATIVE HYPNOSIS OR NORTH COUNTRY HYPNOSIS FOR SMOKING CESSATION if you are SERIOUS ABOUT QUITTING and if you want a high-quality, comprehensive high-speed approach. If you’re taking a trip, coordinate your travel reservations with us, so that you can leave within a few hours after the end of your smoking cessation appointment.

What You Get in the Stop Smoking Program

If accepted, what you will get at Alternative Hypnosis and North Country Hypnosis is quite different than with other hypnotists. You don’t just get a quick hypnosis treatment, a handshake, and advice to return and pay again if the service isn’t effective. What distinguishes your program here is its comprehensive nature, the expectation of success, and its lifetime service guarantee (meaning our services are always available to you after you’ve completed your program, at no additional cost.)

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You can get the benefit of living a smoke-free life! When we began our clinic over 46 years ago, we established our reputation with smoking cessation. Since then, thousands of smokers and other nicotine users, like you, have been enabled to quit smoking FOR GOOD. Not only have we successfully helped thousands of Central New Yorkers to stop smoking in just one session, but we have also attracted clients from throughout the Northeast, and even farther.