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Destiny Success & Development

Hypnosis Seminar April 22 - 25th

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Perceptioneering: Connection & NLP
April 22nd - 25th
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Joshua Kernie CH Training Instructor

Corporate Events & Trainings

What would it be like if your team, leadership or entire company could embrace a truly effective sequence of priorities, critical thinking and communication skills, and independent goal-setting abilities that would result in surpassing all expectations set in the past?

You and your staff will personally benefit from this training. Your ability to think critically will improve. Personal performance will improve because your people will possess the skills to remove the false attitudes, beliefs and perceptions that obstruct consistent success.

But that’s only the beginning; Your corporate training includes the exposure of mass cultural illusions… and how to free your most important people – your workforce – from its claws.

Your company is trained to recognize errors of perception, like memory fabrication, fallacies of logic, cognitive bias sabotage, in exchange for new pattern generation and high levels of stress-free efficiency.

Hypnosis Certification

Are you in the helping profession now, but want a change? Or have you always wanted to help people but don’t have the education or qualifications?

For hobbyists and new professionals alike, the Hypnosis Certification Course is your opportunity to master the craft of hypnosis, how to hypnotize people and meet their needs with skill, flair and confidence, while granting yourself the ability to improve your personal life.

Learn hypnosis with in-depth training which includes personalized instruction and feedback for you, hands-on hypnosis at one our centers, observing other certified hypnotists of varying experience in real time and extensive clinical participation.

Certificates are not granted until all assigned projects are completed. This includes execution of techniques by the student.

Hypnosis & clinical practice building

Consider this:  there is one lawyer for every 265 Americans compared to one hypnotist for every 64,000 Americans. Now, the message should become crystal clear–we need more effective hypnotists. America wants -and needs – skilled professional hypnotists to help everyday people with everyday problems right now.

With 100% certainty, professionals know that consulting for professional hypnosis practice building doesn’t cost, it pays… and it pays big.

The most prevalent concern with hypnosis training today is that real-world, applicable skills used to make a living and reach people that need your help are absent or fleeting.

 Not here.

Learn and apply strategies to deliver clients in real time, and feel confident in refining the process.  Naturally, a business based on stellar client results is what the aim of this coaching is, and our tried and true hypnosis standards deliver just that. 

At Destiny Success & Development, you will learn master level skills in all aspects of clinical and modern hypnosis. You will get everything from proven licensed material, to history, to business concerns and ethics to advanced clinical skills. It’s the most comprehensive hypnosis training available.

Practice building with Destiny Success & Development is designed to give you and your clients a chance at a fantastic, goal-driven life.

Personal/Business Mentorship Packages

Advanced training and mentorships are available in interpersonal skills, building relationships, marketing, business management, and entrepreneurial skills so that you have what it takes to succeed in your desired field, in romance, financially or as a business owner.

Power Sales Training

Power Secrets of Sales Magic

Think about it. Hypnotists convince clients they no longer want or need a negative habit they have been holding onto for years and vastly improve their lives.  You, too, can use the same persuasive structure hypnotists use to help people stop smoking, lose weight and eliminate stress. 

No, we will not be teaching you to hypnotize your customers.

Yes, you will be using ethical conversational techniques that will help your customers not only accept, but get excited about, receiving what they want or need.

The human brain cannot hold two conflicting thoughts at the same time. Occupy your customer’s brain with the right information and eliminate doubt, unnecessary skepticism and fear of buying.

Comedy Stage Hypnosis Shows